Upgrade Images and Data PartitionsΒΆ

In order to be able to apply an Upgrade image to the device it must be programmed with a Factory Image and Data Partition.

The DFU process requires the use of two utilities, dfu_usb or dfu_i2c, depending on the firmware variant, and dfu_suffix_generator.

Precompiled versions of these utilities are provided as part of the Release Package in the appropriate platform directory in \host (eg. \host\Win32\bin), and the source code for the DFU utility is provided in the \host\src\dfu directory.

For more information on building the host applications refer to the build instructions in \host\how_to_build_host_apps.rst in the Release Package.

In addition to the DFU utilities, the Upgrade image and Data Partition are required. These are provided in the Release Package in the \bin and \data-partition\\images directories.

Generation of custom Data Partitions is detailed in the Configuration and the Data Partition section.

There are a number of stages required to prepare and execute a DFU to ensure are safe and successful update. These are detailed in the next section.