Generation of Binary Upgrade imageΒΆ

First, the Upgrade Image (.xe) needs to be converted to a binary format. Use xflash and the following command to convert the .xe image into a binary form:

xflash --noinq --factory-version 15.0 --upgrade [UPGRADE_VERSION] [UPGRADE_EXECUTABLE] -o [OUTPUT_BINARY_NAME]

Specify --factory-version value of 15.0 for all 15.x.x releases of the XTC tools. (The 15.0 value refers to boot loader API for the XTC tool chain)


Should a different version of the XTC tools be used in a future firmware release, the version number should be noted such that an update image of compatible format can be created.

The upgrade version number is specified with --upgrade <version>. The format of this should be as follow:

16bit 0xJJMP where

  • J is major

  • M is minor

  • P is point

For example, to create an upgrade Binary image for a -UA system, from the v5.3.0 Release Package use the following command:

xflash --noinq --factory-version 15.0 --upgrade 0x0520 app_xvf3610_ua_v5.3.0.xe -o app_xvf3610_ua_v5.3.0.bin