XVF3610 Product Variants

The XVF3610 voice processor executes a firmware image that is either read from a flash memory device or loaded by a host processor. The Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) function of the processor allows in field upgrade ensuring all products can benefit from the latest releases. While the voice processor is running, this configuration can be modified by the host system over the XVF3610 control interface. The control interface also allows the host system to control peripheral devices and obtain status information from the device and its digital inputs.

Two variants of the XVF3610 are available which have been optimised for different application use cases. These two variants require different firmware to be loaded onto the device.

Table 1 XVF3610 variants


Key features

Target Application


Far-field voice interface

Audio interface: I2S (Slave)

Control interface: I2C (Slave)

Device Firmware Upgrade: I2C (Slave)

Voice interface integrated into the product


Far-field voice interface

Audio interfaces: USB UAC1.0 (and optionally I2S Master)

Control interface: USB2.0 Full Speed

Device Firmware Upgrade: USB

USB plug-in voice accessory, and integrated products using USB

These application use cases are described in more detail in the following sections.