Factory restoreΒΆ

To restore the device to its factory configuration, effectively discarding any upgrades made, the same process as outlined above is followed but using a blank Boot Image and Data Partition.

This is the only way a restore can be initiated as the device does not have the ability to restore itself.

The same blank file can be used for both Boot Image and Data partition and can be generated using dd on MAC and Linux, and fsutil in windows as shown below:

An blank image can be created with a file of zeroes the size of one flash sector. In the normal case of 4KB sectors on a UNIX-compatible platform, this can be created as follows:

dd bs=4096 count=1 < /dev/zero 2>/dev/null blank.dfu

and for Windows systems:

fsutil file createNew blank.dfu 4096

The process outlined in the Generation and application of Upgrade Image and Data Partition section can now be followed using the blank.dfu file for both Boot Image and Data Partition.