Programming the Factory Boot image and Data PartitionΒΆ

The XVF3610 Voice Processor is provided in two pre-compiled builds (-UA and -INT) and as such only requires the usage of the XTC Tools programming tools, specifically xFLASH. This operates as a command-line application, to create the boot image, and if using flash, program the boot image to the attached device.

An XTAG debugger must be connected to the XVF3610 for flash programming operations. Refer to the Development Kit User Guide for information on using XTAG connections to XVF3610 development kits.

The basic form of the xFLASH command for flash image creation and programming with a data partition is as follows.

xflash --boot-partition-size 0x100000 --factory [Application executable (.xe)] --data [Data partition description (.bin)]


  • Application executable (.xe) The .xe file is a boot image provided with a VocalFusion release package in one of the supported configurations (-UA or -INT product variants).

  • Data partition description (.bin) The .bin file is a data partition description either supplied in the release package (-UA or -INT) or customised as described later in this section.


    For boot over SPI from a host processor uses a specific image which is supplied in the release package. No data partition is included as configuration command are assumed to be supplied by the host controller used.