System Boot and Initial ConfigurationΒΆ

The standard mechanism for booting the XVF3610 is from an attached QSPI Flash device. This provides standalone operation, and persistent storage for configuration data. The XVF3510 supports device firmware upgrade (DFU) over USB (-UA product variant) and I2C (-INT product variant).

Pre-compiled host utilities, and source code for reference, are supplied for performing DFU operations.

In addition, when using flash to boot the XVF3610 processor, a data partition in the flash memory can be used to store commands which are executed immediately after boot-up to configure and define the functionality of the device.

An alternative boot mode, using a executable image supplied by a host processor over a SPI interface is also available for the XVF3610.

The following sections describe the boot process and the Data Partition, including customisation for specific applications.