The XMOS VocalFusion® XVF3610 family of voice processors uses microphone array processing to capture clear, high-quality voice from anywhere in the room. XVF3610 processors use highly optimised digital signal processing algorithms implementing ‘barge-in’, point noise and ambient noise reduction to increase the Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) achieving a reliable voice interface whatever the environment.

The XVF3610 processor is designed for seamless integration into consumer electronic products requiring voice interfaces for Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), communications or conferencing. In addition to its class-leading voice processing, the XVF3610 voice processor provides a comprehensive set of interfaces and configuration options to simplify the integration of a voice interface into a wide range of system architectures. This includes specific features required in TV and set-top box applications, including audio switching and digital inputs and outputs that support switches and LED indicators.


This document is valid for XVF3610 version 5.3