How to embed XTA commands in your pro- gram
This can be achieved by embedding. XTA commands into your source files using the xta command pragma. For example, compile the following code: #include <stdlib.h>.
How to write XTA command scripts
This can be achieved by placing XTA commands into a script file. For example, compile the following code: #include <stdlib.h>. #include <xs1.h>.
Use the XTA from the command line
Nov 13, 2013 ... The XTA does not time code across multiple xCORE tiles so both endpoints must be on the same tile. One analysis can result in multiple routes ...
How to use the XTA to time a loop
Next select the Analyse Timing perspective via the main toolbar. A binary can be loaded into the XTA then via the Load Binary into XTA toolbar button. From the ...
XTA command-line manual
Nov 13, 2013 ... Allows XTA commands to be embedded into source code. All commands are run every time the binary is loaded into the XTA. Commands are executed in ...
How to control the XTA from a python script
There are occasions when the inbuilt XTA command scripting mechanism does not offer the required level of power and/or flexibility.
How to generate XTA command scripts
This application note is a short how-to on programming/using the xTIMEcomposer tools. It shows how to generate XTA command scripts. Required tools and libraries.
How to use the XTA to time a function
Load the resulting binary into the XTA. In the xTIMEcomposer studio, select the Analyze button on the left-hand side navigation toolbar. Next.
How to specify a loop count in the XTA
In many cases the XTA will know the number of iterations for a given loop. However, in some cases, this information cannot be deduced by the tools so you ...
Using the XTA With Assembly
Nov 13, 2013 ... They are used to link lines of source code with assembly instructions. All other XTA functionality provided by these directives (timing, ...
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