USB Audio Class 2.0 Evaluation Driver for Windows

Version Released Comments
v5.57.0 2023-04-06 DOWNLOAD
4.13.0 2019-01-21 DOWNLOAD
4.11.0 2017-08-16 DOWNLOAD
3.34.0 2016-09-27 DOWNLOAD
3.20.0 2015-12-07 DOWNLOAD
2.23 2014-05-20 Update to supress MFi interface (if present) DOWNLOAD
2.22 2014-05-02 Update to allow 24bit PCM, 16bit PCM and native DSD interfaces to all coexist, and in any order. DOWNLOAD
2.19 2014-02-06 Reintroduces control panel for XMOS Stereo Driver. [So not actually relevant to this eval driver, but ensures eval and stereo are all at same version.] DOWNLOAD
2.15 2013-10-31 DOWNLOAD
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