The AIoT ‘Big Bang’

CEO Mark Lippett talks to New Electronics about the explosion of the AIoT and the launch of xcore.ai – the new fast, flexible and economical …

Exploring how binarised networks work

In this article from The Next Web, CTO Henk Muller explains how binarised networks work and outlines why they’ll be big for AI in 2020

The need for integration

CEO Mark Lippett discusses how XMOS has established itself as a major player in the market for voice enabled devices in this article from New …

The Artificial Intelligence Apocalypse

In this article from the Electronic Engineering Journal, Max Maxfield asks whether it’s time to be scared by the age of Artificial Intelligence.

Alexa and her friends are everywhere at CES

So is the remote control being killed-off? In the long-term, absolutely. It’s gone. “Getting rid of the remote control is one of the strongest use cases …
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