Is AI the next breakthrough for the IoT?

CEO, Mark Lippett explores the hardware needed to pave the way for the AIoT to enter the mainstream, in this recent article for Electronic Products.

Ambient sensing: the next step for the smart home?

Could ambient sensing technology at the edge become the future of the smart devices industry? And if so, what is holding us back in taking this next logical step in the smart home evolution? …

A snapshot of the semiconductor future

What lessons can be drawn from the Kodak story to disrupt the traditional semiconductor model, with low power, affordable flexibility? Discover more in our latest …

SoC Product Planning Paralysis

How can vendors adapt quickly and easily to the emerging needs of the IoT across a multitude of markets, delivering the required performance no matter …

An interview with CEO, Mark Lippett

Get to know our CEO, Mark Lippett in this recent interview for Intelligent CIO. Discover his ways of working and what makes him tick.
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